W B Langdon Non-GP 2012 Abstracts

W.B.Langdon . 5 November 2012 2012 papers , full list

Correlation of Microarray Probes give Evidence for Mycoplasma Contamination in Human Studies

W. B. Langdon, Technical Report RN/12/11.
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Recently the complete genomes of several more species of mycoplasma have been published. We can now see at least 473 Affymetrix HG-U133 +2 Homosapiens probes match one or more species of mycoplasma. Analysis of published data from thousands of human GeneChips finds correlations between probes in human studies between different labs in different countries which suggests contamination with mycoplasma is the common factor.

Keywords: Datamining, RNAnet, NCBI GEO GSE2555,GSE2842,GSE3202,GSE4217,GSE5823

Creating and Debugging Performance CUDA C

W. B. Langdon, In Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms, Francisco Fernandez de Vega and Jose Ignacio Hidalgo Perez and Juan Lanchares Eds., Studies in Computational Intelligence 415, Chapter 1 pp7-50. DOI


Various practical ways of testing, locating and removing bugs in parallel general-purpose computation on graphics hardware GPGPU applications are described. Some of these are generic whilst other relate directly to stochastic bioinspired techniques, such as genetic programming. We pass on software engineering lessons learnt during CUDA C programming and ways to obtain high performance from nVidia GPU and Tesla cards including examples of both successful and less successful recent applications.

Keywords: C programming, GPU, GPGPU, GPPPU, parallel computing, computer game hardware, graphics controller, parallel computing, rcs, randomised search