• T.Intharah and G.J. Brostow, "DeepLogger: Extracting User Input Logs From 2D Gameplay Videos" in CHI PLAY2018.
    [Project Page]
  • T.Intharah, M. Firman, and, G.J. Brostow, "RecurBot: Learn to Auto-complete GUI Tasks From Human Demonstrations" in CHI 2018 (late breaking work).
    [Project Page]
  • T. Intharah, D. Turmukhambetov, and, G.J. Brostow, "Help, It Looks Confusing: GUI Task Automation Through Demonstration and Follow-up Questions" in ACM IUI 2017 . Best Student Paper Honorable Mention [Project Page]
  • T.Intharah and G.J. Brostow, "Context Tricks for Cheap Semantic Segmentation" on ArXiv.
    [PDF and Supplementary Material]

last updated (10th October 2018)