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I am a PhD Student at the UCL Computer Science Department in the Information Security Group. My supervisor is Dr Sarah Meiklejohn and my second supervisor is Prof George Danezis. My research is in applied cryptography and distributed systems.

I am funded by the Centre for Doctoral Training in Financial Computing and Analytics. This programme consists in a 4 year curriculum (1st year : Master of Research (MRes), year 2-4: PhD).
During my MRes I worked on anomaly detection under the supervision of Dr George Danezis and Dr Gianluca Stringhini.
I started my PhD in September 2015.
Before joining UCL I studied Engineering in France at CentraleSupelec.

Sarah Azouvi
University College London
Department of Computer Science
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom

S.Azouvi (at)