Mel Slater


I am part-time Professor of Virtual Environments.

I am an ICREA Research Professor at the University of Barcelona, Spain, where I lead the Event Lab.

My major research interest is the question of what makes virtual reality work: how is it possible to build virtual environments such that people respond realistically to events within them? What scientific explanations are there of this phenomenon?  I have a particular interest in virtual reality for the creation of social scenarios, and also in using the power of virtual reality for changing the self, research that is focussed on the interface between computer science and neuroscience.

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  1. The Compassion Project, MRC

  1. The exploitation of immersive
    virtual reality for the study of
    moral judgements,
    Leverhulme Trust

  1. People’s Responses to Violent

Emergencies, EPSRC

  1. Virtual Reality in Understanding and  treating persecutory delusions: an interventionist-causal model approach,

MRC led by Dr Daniel Freeman


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