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This web page contains pointers to the full text of PhD theses I have supervised, since 1999 when I gradated my first PhD student.

A small item of trivia: my first PhD graduate was also my former PhD supervisor. I believe we are the only two academics who have a cycle in their PhD supervision "tree", making us each our own ancestors. Do let me know if you are aware of others with cyclic supervision graphs

Those for Whom I was First Supervisor

I have ordered the PhD theses in the order in which the authors submitted their thesis for examination. This list contains only those for whom I was the first (lead) supervisor.

1. Sebastian Danicic. PhD, UNL, 1999: Dataflow minimal slicing.
2. Yoga Sivagurunathan. PhD, UNL, 2004: Modelling dynamic memory allocation and deallocation using amorphous slicing.
3. Lin Hu. PhD, Brunel, 2004: Amorphous program slicing.
4. Kiarash Mahdavi. PhD, Brunel, 2005: A clustering genetic algorithm for software modularisation with a multiple hill climbing approach.
5. Ayodeji Fatiregun. PhD, KCL, 2006: Search-based program transformation for amorphous slicing and program comprehension.
6. Tao Jiang. PhD, KCL, 2008: Search based slicing for program dependency structures of interest.
7. Zheng Li. PhD, KCL, 2009: Identifying high-level dependence structures using slice-based dependence analysis.
8. Kiran Lakhotia. PhD, KCL, 2009: Search-based testing.
9. Shin Yoo. PhD, KCL, 2009: Extending the boundaries in regression testing: complexity, latency, and expertise.
10. Yuanyuan Zhang. PhD, KCL 2010: Multi-objective search-based requirements selection and optimisation.
11. Nadia Alshahwan. PhD, UCL, 2012: Utilizing output in web application server-side testing.
12. Jian Ren. PhD, UCL, 2013: Search based software project management.
13. Mustafa Bozkurt. PhD, UCL, 2013: Automated realistic test input generation and cost reduction in service-centric system testing.
14. Yue Jia. PhD, UCL, 2013: Higher order mutation testing.

Those for Whom I was Second Supervisor

I have ordered the PhD theses in the order in which the authors submitted their thesis for examination. This list contains only those for whom I was the second supervisor. I list also the first supervisor, who was the main director of these students' thesis work.

1. Mike Laurence. PhD, Goldsmiths, 2004: Program schematology.
First Supervisor: Sebastian Danicic.
2. Lahcen Ouarbya, PhD, Goldsmiths, 2005: A non-standard semantics for program slicing and dependence analysis.
First Supervisor: Sebastian Danicic.
3. Qiang (Larry) Guo, PhD, Brunel, 2005: Improving fault coverage and minimising the cost of fault identification when testing from Finite State Machines.
First Supervisor: Robert Hierons.
4. Pauline Kan, PhD, KCL, 2006: A method for safety critical software development.
First Supervisor: Kevin Lano.
5. Mohammed Daoudi, PhD, Goldsmiths, 2006: An Investigation Into a Probabilistic Framework for Studying Symbolic Execution Based Program Conditioning.
First Supervisor: Sebastian Danicic.
6. Karnig Derderian, PhD, Brunel, 2007: Automated test sequence generation for Finite State Machines using Genetic Algorithms.
First Supervisor: Robert Hierons.
7. Marian Mohr, PhD, KCL, 2010: Service oriented software engineering performance enhancement.
First Supervisor: Nicolas Gold.