Jun Wang Photo 

Jun Wang

Professor of Information Systems and Data Science

Programme Director, MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics

Computer Science, University College London

Email: jun.wang (at) cs.ucl.ac.uk

Office: 3.08 66-72 Gower Street, London

Co-founder, Chief Scientist, MediaGamma Ltd.

Research Interests

  • AI and Machine Learning, (Multiagent) Reinforcement Learning, and Generative Models;

  • Statistical Modeling of Information Retrieval, and Dynamic Information Retrieval;

  • Data Mining, Personalization, and Collaborative Filtering (Recommendation);

  • Computational Advertising and Real-time Bidding.


MAgent: A Many-Agent Reinforcement Learning Research Platform for ACI
Lianmin Zheng, Jiacheng Yang, Han Cai, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang, and Yong Yu
NIPS17 demo
arXiv:1712.00600, 2017
Multiagent Bidirectionally-Coordinated Nets: Emergence of Human-level Coordination in Learning to Play StarCraft Combat Games
Peng Peng, Ying Wen, Yaodong Yang, Quan Yuan, Zhenkun Tang, Haitao Long, Jun Wang
arXiv:1703.10069v4, 2017

Selected Recent Papers


Long Text Generation via Adversarial Training with Leaked Information
Jiaxian Guo, Sidi Lu, Han Cai, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, and Jun Wang
arXiv:1709.08624v1, AAAI-2018


Reinforcement Learning for Architecture Search by Network Transformation
Han Cai, Tianyao Chen, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu, and Jun Wang
arXiv:1707.04873v1, AAAI-2018


A Neural Stochastic Volatility Model
Rui Luo, Jun Wang, Weinan Zhang and Xiaojun Xu
arXiv:1712.00504, AAAI-2018


IRGAN: A Minimax Game for Unifying Generative and Discriminative Information Retrieval Models
Wang, Jun, Lantao Yu, Weinan Zhang, Yu Gong, Yinghui Xu, Benyou Wang, Peng Zhang, and Dell Zhang
SIGIR (Best Paper Award Honorable Mention), 2017


Adversarial Variational Inference for Tweedie Compound Poisson Models
Yaodong Yang, Sergey Demyanov, Yunayuan Liu, Jun Wang
arXiv:1706.05446v3, ICML Workshop on Implicit Models, 2017


Real-Time Bidding by Reinforcement Learning in Display Advertising
Han Cai, Kan Ren, Weinan Zhang, Kleanthis Malialis, Jun Wang, Yong Yu, Defeng Guo
arXiv:1701.02490v2, WSDM 2017


SeqGAN: Sequence Generative Adversarial Nets with Policy Gradient
Lantao Yu, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang, Yong Yu
arXiv:1609.05473v6, AAAI, 2017


Learning to Design Games: Strategic Environments in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Haifeng Zhang, Jun Wang, Zhiming Zhou, Weinan Zhang, Ying Wen, Yong Yu, Wenxin Li
arXiv:1707.01310v3, 2017


An Empirical Study of AI Population Dynamics with Million-agent Reinforcement Learning
Lianmin Zheng, Jiacheng Yang, Han Cai, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang, and Yong Yu
arXiv:1709.04511v3, NIPS Aligned Artificial Intelligence Workshop 2017

For a full list, see my Google Scholar page.

Mini Books


Display Advertising with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Behavioural Targeting
Jun Wang, Weinan Zhang and Shuai Yuan (2017)
Foundations and TrendsĀ® in Information Retrieval: Vol. 11: No. 4-5, pp 297-435.


Dynamic Information Retrieval Modeling
Grace Hui Yang, Marc Sloan, and Jun Wang (2016)
Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services, 2016.