3035/GZ01: Courseworks

There are four individual courseworks in 3035/GZ01:
Topic Assigned Due Other Info
Problem Set CW1: Error control, Wireless, Reliability (pdf) 16th October 2014 23rd October 2014
4:05 PM (hardcopy, start of lecture)
Programming CW2: Domain Name System (pdf) 21st October 2014 11th November 2014
4:05 PM (submit electronically)
Problem Set CW3: TCP and Distance-Vector Routing 13th November 2014 21st November 2014
5:05 PM (hardcopy, start of lecture)
Programming CW4: Distance-Vector Routing (pdf) 25th November 2014 9th December 2014
4:05 PM (submit electronically)

Note that the courseworks are assigned back-to-back; each time a coursework is due, the next is handed out on the same day or very soon thereafter. (In addition, Programming CW2 and Problem Set CW3 overlap in time.) While the courseworks are not cumulative, you will definitely want to complete them on time--apart from lateness penalties, turning in a coursework late eats into the time available to work on the next one!