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DIVE is not Open Source. However, UCL has  made binary versions available for SGI/Irix and Win32. This is for DIVE3.3x5. SGI/Irix version include desktop versions based on OpenGL or  SGI Performer, and immersive versions based on SGI Performer and VRCO's CAVELIB library.

Source code licences may be available for free for academic purposes from SICS. Commercial licences are also available.

VRJuggler Code

The code for the project used to run all the experiments is available here.


The code is only available for compilation on SGI IRIX based systems. you will also need :-

Expat XML loader (avail from

OpenGL Performer 2.4 (usually distributed with SGI systems)

VRJuggler 1.1-DR2 (avail from

Source Code

Includes some simple documentation and some sample Interact Config Files. You will also need to have some VRJuggler config files defined to configure your VR system.



Source Code

Code.rar (1.6Mb)