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The Virtual Clothing work package is a part of the Foresight LINK award Project called "Centre for 3D Electronic Commerce". It focuses on 3D electronic retailing using LINK funding to develop demonstrators for virtual clothes shopping via interactive television, electronic kiosks and Web-based PCs. A garment image will be mapped onto a customer's image to allow 3D visualisation of the product, and enable accurate sizing information to be transmitted to the supplier.


Short term: to fit clothes on the customer's scanned body in a fast, approximate way. This will be a 2D solution, starting from colour pictures of the customer and the model wearing the cloths.
Longer term: to physically model the garments so that they drape like different types of cloth. This will be a 3D solution with two stages:
static drape of the clothing over customer's body
dynamic animation of the clothed customer

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Contact : Bernhard Spanlang, Tzvetomir Vassilev
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