City Project

    Within the City Project UCL is most interested in the rendering, modelling and interaction issues. We are continuing work on simulations of crowded spaces and large model rendering for urban contexts.

    Current Demonstrator Work

    We have been taking care of the 3D rendereding (Ana's view) within the demonstrator. This is both for the desktop and immersive case. In both cases, we are investigating the use of PDAs as control devices, rather than on-screen or within-world displays, which can be rather clumsy. The following photographs are of a recent demonstration of the City project at an Equator plenary meeting.

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    We had a week long workshop here at UCL in July looking specifically at interfaces for the ReaCTor. The following snapshots illustrate some of the results.

    Index image 1

    Research Work

    Within the current demonstrator The current City demo does not stress the research issues in large-scale modelling or rendering, but we have started preparing for the next phase of roll-out to the urban scale. Nick (Sheep) Dalton's recent talk on large-scale modelling outlines some of the problems of modelling large spaces amongst several parties, or when multiple versions are required.

    Anthony Steed's talk on urban modelling processes shows some of the ways of creating a base model from which to work. We are working with Geomatics and CASA at UCL in generating the next versions of these models and processes.