The EQUATOR Interdisciplinary Research Challenge

The central goal of the Equator IRC is to promote the integration of the physical with the digital. In particular, we are concerned with uncovering and supporting the variety of possible relationships between physical and digital worlds. Our objective in doing this is to improve the quality of everyday life by building and adapting technologies for a range of user groups and application domains.

Examples include: combining physical and digital cities to promote people's understanding of the world within which they live, and to enhance wayfinding and access to physical and digital artefacts, information and people. creating new forms of play, performance and entertainment that combine the physical and digital so as to promote learning, participation and creativity. exploring how new technologies that merge the physical and the digital can support activities outside of the workplace, including maintaining family and social relationships in the home, and supporting work in the open air.

The UCL Vision

The Equator Project Partners

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