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UCL, Department of Computer Science - Module Mailing Lists

All undergraduate students, from any department or on any programme, who register for a CS module must join the mail list for the module. They are required to read email sent to them. All mail sent to module lists is also copied to newsgroups at IS as a backup measure in case students do not wish to keep email, or join the course late. For the convenience of students with accounts in the CS department, the mail is also copied to local bulletin boards (readable by "bbc xxxx" where xxx is the module code, eg 1007).

In the case of a dispute over what students have been told the newsgroups will be definitive. Thus students are expected to be able to read newsgroups, and instructions on how to do this are given below.

Joining a Module Mailing List

To join a module mail list send an email to


(where xxxx is the module code), with the one word


in the subject field. That's all. (But please do not forget to include the word -request in the address!)

You will receive a confirmation that your name has been added. If you do not receive this, seek help.

You MUST join the module list for any course in which you wish to be examined, as soon as possible.

To Read a Newsgroup

Software for reading newsgroups is available on all IS computers. Please consult the IS help-desk for instructions on configuring and using this software.

All our newsgroups are under local.cs. Thus the newsgroup for the course 1007 goes under the name of


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