B261 Systems Architecture

The B261 Mail List

The external services group have set up a mailing list for courses. The following provides information on B261.

A message sent to b261@cs.ucl.ac.uk will be delivered to all members of the list, the local BBoard b261 (readable with bbc b261), and the ISD newsgroup local.cs.b261.

People may subscribe/unsubscribe the lists by sending a special message to b261-request@cs.ucl.ac.uk.

For a list addition request the subject field should contain one word:

either add or subscribe or join.

For a list deletion request the subject field should contain one word:

either delete or unsubscribe or remove.

The subscribe/unsubscribe message must be for a single list only - multiple lists cannot be subscribed to/unsubscribed from; a separate message must be sent for each list the user wants to join/leave. Any message text will be ignored. A conformation message should be returned automatically.

Note: Electronic mail is used as the primary means for communicating information about this course. You must therefore ensure that your email name appears on the B261 mailing list. We will not do this for you - you are responsible for ensuring that your email address appears on the list correctly.

To find out who is on the B261 mailing list (for example, to check whether your request to be added has been successful!) click on the "submit" button below: