The following B261 exam papers are available in PostScript format, for which you will need a PostScript viewer (such as gsview - see below).

You will need a PostScript viewer such as GSview (which works with both Netscape and Internet Explorer) to download and print these papers. If your computer runs a 32-bit version of Windows, such as Windows95 or later, or WindowsNT, you will need two self-extracting executable files that you can download by clicking the following two links: click here for the latest version of Aladdin Ghostscript (the underlying engine for gsview) and click here for gsview itself. Run Ghostscript first, then gsview; they should install themselves. (If using Internet Explorer, set your Windows filetype association for .ps files to launch GSview. If using Netscape, edit preferences to set GSview as the application for .ps files. More information about GSview can be found here.)