Opportunities for trainning positions depend on the availability of funds and other circumstances. If we do not have funds but you like to have some learning experiences in our group and have your own funds, please send your cv and proposal, we can consider cases if they are feasible and if we have space to accommendate them. It helps that you read my papers or my book to find out whether research topics and styles here interest you, and articulate this interest to me.

Currently, a position can be created for a research assistant/technician, email me if interested.

Typically, a researcher working in my lab should be either

(1) a research fellow very skilled in visual psychophysics, interested in collaborating with modellers and theorists, but do not have to have skills or experience in mathematics.


(2) A good computational and theoretical scientist or engineer interested in experimental data.

The person could be a postdoc, or a student seeking research trainning and experience before going to a Ph.D. study, We can be flexible to accommodate the trainning needs.

Interested? please email address: z.li@ucl.ac.uk

If you want to apply for post-graduate study which could enable you to choose to do a Ph.D. thesis in my lab, you may try the following programs (some of them have scholarships for your study).

Department of Computer Science, UCL

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL

4 year Ph.D. program in Neuroscience, UCL

MSc program in Neuroscience, UCL

Ph.D. in structural, computational, and chemical biology at UCL/Birkbeck/NIMR


For general information about my research interest, click here.

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