How do I access a Memory Stick in Linux?

What does unix call the usb socket? Try
ls -l /dev/disk/by-id
look for a file named something like usb-Ut163_USB2FlashStorage_000000000009... and note the name of the file it points to (e.g. ../../sdb1).

Next it needs to be mounted. If you are not root, it needs to be open to anyone to mount it. Look for device you can mount in /etc/fstab. E.g.

grep user /etc/fstab
Hopefully this will show up something matching ../../sdb1 found in /dev/disk/by-id. Now mount it
mount /dev/sdb1
Use ls, cp etc. on the second file name given in /etc/fstab. E.g.
ls /mnt/usbdrive
cp -p /mnt/usbdrive/langdon_rnanet.pdf .

Remember to dismount it before unplugging if from the USB socket. E.g.

umount /mnt/usbdrive

centos 7

For centos 7 the USB drive may be in

What USB devices do I have


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