SSBSE 2022 14th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering, Singapore and Hybrid, November 17-18, 2022

ASE 2022

GI @ ICSE 2023 flyer used at ASE in Singapore GI @ ICSE 2023 flyer used at ASE in Singapore

Genetic Improvement @ ICSE 2023 Workshop flyer by Gabin An

Thursday 17 Nov

Multi-Objective Genetic Improvement: A Case Study with EvoSuite
James Callan

Genetic Improvement path representation. gin, slide 4
James Callan

MSU, EvoAttack: An Evolutionary Search-based Adversarial Attack for Object Detection Models
Kenneth Chan

Search-based Test Suite Generation for Rust
Vsevolod Tymofyeyev

Friday 18 November 2022

Genetic Improvement of Software, Annibale Panichella, Delft University of Technology
Annibale Panichella

Real world applications, Improving CUDA DNA Analysis Software with Genetic Programming, APR, Fixing Bugs in Your Sleep: How Genetic Improvement Became an Overnight Success
Justyna Petke

Genetic Improvement of Software,
new feature, functional change, speed up, less memory, optimize network bandwidth, less energy, smaller code size,
Sample Hyper Gi applications, android smart phone, mobile, handie, bugfixing, Pyggi, gin, magpie.
use java class loader to reduce build time.
Regression test selection.

Justyna Petke GI keynote SSBSE 2022
Max Hort

Justyna Petke GI keynote SSBSE 2022
Giovani Guizzo

Justyna Petke GI keynote SSBSE 2022
Mark Harman

Global use of facebook
Mark Harman

SapFix, automated bug repair in facebook
Alexandru Marginean Mark Harman

Online software safety: a new paradigm for SBSE research
Mark Harman

SSBSE 2050: 14-18 November, Oxia Palus, Mars
Andrea Arcuri

Data Mining Algorithms Using/Used-by Optimisers: a DUO Approach to Software Engineering
Leandro Minku


20 November 2022 (Last updated 21 Nov 2022)