gnuplot how to set wide line width for impulse style splots

For example:
splot \
"/tmp/RE.000.dat2" with impulses linewidth 5

linewidth also works with plot e.g.

plot [-30:20] besj0(x)*0.12e1 with impulses linewidth 5
gives something like
gnuplot with impulses linewidth 5

Tested on gnuplot 4.0 patch 0

fit gives error Singular matrix in Givens()

It might be worth double checking the syntax of the fit command line.
You want something like
f(x) = a*x+1;
fit f(x) "/tmp/t1" via a

segmentation fault gif animate

Sometimes gnuplot 4.6 patchlevel 2 gives a segfault after 3 or 4 frames on commands like set terminal gif transparent animate delay 1 loop 1 optimize

It might be worth trying a newer version, e.g. gnuplot 5.4 patchlevel 0

W.B.Langdon My thanks to Neil back
27 Nov 2014 (Last update 21st June 2022)