GISMO Project Meeting, Andrea Arcuri, W. B. Langdon, Mark Harman, 21-22 May 2012.

Location UCL

Dr. Andrea Arcuri of Schlumberger was an invited speaker at the 20th CREST Open Workshop on the Oracle Problem for Automated Software Testing. Whilst he was at UCL he held discussions with Dr. Langdon and Prof. Harman about progress on the GISMO project.


Dr. Arcuri expressed interest in the source language of programs being targeted and their size and how they are being linked into the genetic programming system. He said that C (unlike Java) has no sandboxing and allows access to the file and network systems. In our earlier work on higher order mutation testing there was some isolation between the mutant code and the GP system, but this remains a concern.

We discussed the fraction of mutants which fail to compile, which crash and which loop indefinitely. Dr. Arcuri agreed that the proportions were not unreasonable. He suggested using an open source "C" simulator [paper] which (although slow) gives control of misbehaving programs.

W.B.Langdon 24 May 2012