GECCO-2003 Chicago, 12-16 July 2003

Proceedings available as LNCS 2723 and LNCS 2724

Chicago, Friday 11 July 2003

Grant Park

Restaurant, Corner of Hubbard Street and N. Wells St, 11 July 2003

Graduate Student Workshop, Sat 12 July 2003

Best Paper

Nareli Cruz and Sean Luke

Best Presentation

Peer Kleinau and Nic McPhee

Navy Pier, Monday 14 July 2003

Xin Yao, ?1, Terry P Riopka, Tina Yu, Nic McPhee, Alex Jarvis, W. B. Langdon

Chicago River, Tuesday 15 July 2003, Architecture Boat Tour

Robert Heckendorn

ISGEC Fellows

Pictures taken by Mike Cattolico for James A. Foster

Dave Davis, John Koza, David Goldberg, Ken De Jong, Riccardo Poli, Bill Langdon, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Darrell Whitley.

W. B. Langdon being presented with ISGEC Fellow plaque by the head of ISGEC Erik Goodman.

More Photographs

Camping West Virginia 19-25 July

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