FOGA 9 UNAM 8-11 January, 2007

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Teotihuacan, Friday 12 Jan 2007

The day after the workshop Reinhard, Christine and I went to the pyramids at Teotihuacan

Sun pyramid
Sun pyramind

Moon pyramid
W. B. Langdon at base of Moon pyramid

Moon pyramind first
set of steps
Me on lowest steps of first stair case of the Moon pyramid

Langdon on stairs
Close up of previous.

Moon pyramid
Me in front of Moon pyramind

Souvenier stalls
Sun pyramid


After wards we grabbed a quick lunch in a cave.

La Gruta beer Buerger lemonade Langdon
Reinhard Buerger and Bill Langdon inside La Gruta

Photographs from Reinhard Buerger

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