Eighth workshop on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms, FOGA8 Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, 5-9 January 2005

Group Photograph

Masayoshi Oouchi, Shinya Ito, W. B. Langdon, x2, Alden H Wright, Dirk Arnold, w1, Hans-Georg Beyer, Silja Meyer-Nieberg, Thomas Jansen, x5, x6
Boris Mitavskiy, Rajeev Kumar, x9, x10, Chris Stephens, x11, Darrell Whitley, Mario Alberto Villalobos-Arias, Ken De Jong, Kunihiro Doi, Kazuaki Takeyasu

Photograph taken Saturday 8 Jan 05 by Lothar M. Schmitt

Culture Day, Friday 7 January, Tsuruga-jo Castle, Martial Arts

Pictures taken by Chris Stephens.

2 Japanese girls fighting with sticks
With snow falling outside, these ladies practise in bare feet.

3 Japanese girls, 2 fighting with sticks

Japanese archer in martial arts clothes, holding bow and reaching
for arrow.
2 Japanese men standing,
one lady sitting, all in white cloths

Opening of the 2005 Sumo Season (Sunday 9 January 2005)

After the workshop we returned to Tokyo. On sunday afternoon we went to the first day of the sumo wrestling matches.

WBL, Mark and CRS in front of ancient sumo picture
After the fight: W B Langdon, Marc Toussaint and Chris Stephens.

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