Transport For London Congestion Charging Proposal

Firstly the current proposal is ridiculous and should be abandoned immediately.

The following alternative suggestions should be considered

  1. Sounding of horns be prevented
  2. Leaving motor vehicle engines idling be prevented
  3. A 20mph speed limit in the entire area be enforced
  4. Motor vehicles with diesel engines be prevented from entering
  5. Quiet electric motor vehicles be encouraged
  6. Bus lanes be extended including across major intersections. They be given priority eg by separate traffic lights, physical traffic lane separation. Congestion of private motor car should no longer impend bus traffic.
  7. Bus lanes be open to all vehicles with more than 6 persons aboard.
  8. Bus lanes be arranged so that Victoria coach station can be easily reached by coach from the M25 from at least 4 directions.
  9. All restrictions be applied universally, including on Members of Parliament, Members of the London Assembly, the Mayor of London, City of London Aldermen and foreign diplomatic staff.

Additional suggestion 08 August 2001 16:29

I would like to suggest that some effort be spent on making bus routes (including bus frequency, fares, ticketing, timetabling etc) more intelligible. One of the reasons for the undergrounds success with tourists is that it has a clear and useable map. Can something be done for the buses. The goal should be at least 90% of the bus route should be understood inside a minute.

The current proposal for inner london traffic is ridiculous and should be abandoned.

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Click here for proposal. 25 July 2001