Winter 2024

Christmas 2023

Pia and Wolfgang

New Year 2024

animal-inspired fractals, in blue, violet, pink
ArtiE-Frac Fractal Card for 2024 from Evelyne.

Dream Scenario

crocodile girl
Sofia Banzhaf

2023 Collage

Una-May Blake Hannah May Glennie Anne Leah
usa canoe tenis tennis graduation Zuko brown 1784 mom dad 
not knot revolver gun
Una-May and Familly

Almost Spring

The 66th CREST Open Workshop - SSBSE Challenge Track: Collaborative Jam Session

Carol Hanna, Arindam Sharma, Yazhuo Cao, Enaut Mendiluze, Hector D Menendez, Guillermo Iglesias, Avner Bensoussan, Daniel Fortunato, Daniel Blackwell.
Guoming Long, Karine Even-Mendoza, Federica Sarro, David Williams, Bill langdon, Justyna Petke (with COW), Anastasiia Grishina, Giordano d'Aloisio, Yulong Ye, Jingzhi Gong, Sisi Li.
Sophie Fortz, Mar Zamorano Lopez.

Sarah Bernhardt

amy kyungwon han
gentiane venture
huichan zhao
yukie nagai (chair)
aimee sakes
shuhei miyashita
Embodied Intelligence EI 2024 (my slides)

Steve's memorial
Me March 30
Navigator's Desk BDAC Old Sarum Airfield

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