EvoPAR 2012

EvoApplications 2012 Track

EvoPAR 2012, Malaga, Spain, Wednesday 11th April and Thursday 12th April 2012

1st EvoApplications track on Parallel Architectures and Distributed Infrastructures

Malaga. Getting to/from Malaga. Cercanias train from airport.

Papers and Posters

Title Authors Abstract Paper Presentation
A Fair Comparison of Modern CPUs and GPUs Running the Genetic Algorithm under the Knapsack Benchmark Jiri JarosP and Petr Pospichal abs DOI
Validating a Peer-to-Peer Evolutionary Algorithm Juan Luis Jimenez LaredoP, Pascal Bouvry, Sanaz Mostaghim and Juan Julian Merelo Guervos abs DOI slides
OpenCL implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization: A fair comparison between CPU and GPU performances Stefano CagnoniP, Alessandro Bacchini, and Luca Mussi abs DOI slides
FlexGP: Genetic Programming on the Cloud. Best paper Dylan Sherry, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, James McDermott and Una-May O'ReillyP abs DOI photo
Migration and Replacement Policies for Preserving Diversity in Dynamic Environments David Millan-Ruiz and Jose Ignacio Hidalgo abs DOI poster
Distributed Simulated Annealing with MapReduce Atanas Radenski abs DOI
Pool-based distributed evolutionary algorithms using an object database Juan-J. Merelo, Antonio Mora, J. Albert-Cruz, and Anna I. Esparcia abs DOI poster photos
A Library to Run Evolutionary Algorithms in the Cloud using the Hadoop MapReduce Framework Pedro Fazenda, James McDermott and Una-May O'Reilly abs DOI

Poster Presentations

The EvoPAR posters were presented on Thursday 12th April 09:30-11:00.

Each poster should fit into a 100 cm wide × 120 cm tall (approx 3'3" by 4 feet) display area.

Redcliffe Imaging can make foldable fabric posters. A cloth poster may be easier to transport to Malaga.


There is growing interest in running evolutionary computation on Parallel and Distributed Computing Infrastructures. A number of technologies are already available. These include Grid and Cloud Computing, Internet Computing (e.g. seti@home, boinc), General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), multi-core and many-core architectures and supercomputers. Although they are routinely used for running computing intensive applications, considerable skill is required to get the best from them. The experimenter has to consider scheduling, porting of applications, communication topologies, new parallel models and architectures, cache and memory management optimization, preemptive multitasking and simultaneous multi threading and even energy consumption. Also, the experimenter may need to change their evolutionary algorithm to fully exploit these new tools.

At EvoPar 2012 scientists and engineers gathered to share and exchange their experiences, discuss challenges, and report state-of-the-art and in-progress research on all aspects of the application of evolutionary algorithms for improving parallel architectures and distributed computing Infrastructures. EvoPAR will assist the two-way flow of ideas between the parallel computing community and the EC community.

Areas of Interests and Contributions

High quality paper submissions which demonstrate novelty in terms of methodology, application or both, were strongly encouraged. Applications of interest included (but were not limited to):

Publication Details

Accepted papers are in the proceedings of Evo*, published in volume 7248 of the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, which was available at the Conference. BibTeX.

Programme Chairs

F. Fernandez de Vega, University of Extremadura, Spain
W. B. Langdon, University College London, UK

EvoPAR 2012 Programme Committee

Reviewer Affiliation
Ignacio Hidalgo University Complutense Madrid, Spain
Jose Carlos Ribeiro Politechnique Institute of Leiria, Portugal
Gianluigi Folino L'ICAR-CNR, Cosenza, Italy
J. J. Merelo University of Granada, Spain
Leonardo Vanneschi University of Milano-Bicocca
Garnett Wilson Afinin Labs, Inc., Canada
Tien-Tsin Wong The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Malcolm Heywood Dalhousie University, Canada
Qizhi Yu Inria, France
Shigeyoshi Tsutsui Hannan University, Japan
Denis Robilliard l'Universite du Littoral-Cote d'Opale, France
Stephane Gobron EPFL, Switzerland
Ogier Maitre Strasbourg University, France
Pierre Collet Strasbourg University, France
Simon Harding IDSIA, Switzerland
Marco Tomassini Lausanne University, Switzerland


EvoPAR 2012 is a track within the EvoApplications 2012 Conference. The EvoApplications Conference was between Wednesday 11 April 2012 and Friday 13 April 2012. Please see the main www pages for other details.

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