EuroGP'2010 and Istanbul, 7-9 April 2010


Largest city in europe? Population said to be 17 million, having trebled in the last fiveteen years. City swollen by people leaving the turkish main land country side.


Shared taxi from Ataturk airport with
Evelyne Lutton (Return Taxi with Anna Esparcia was much cheaper, but then it was on a Sunday rather than in rush hour and a shorter journey.)

Hotel Bilek

Stayed in the hotel Bilek (web site is overly complicated, map useless) on the euorpean side near the metro stop Levent 4 (way off the map). Two tube stops from Istanbul University (ITU Ayazaga, 1 subway token), which hosted EvoStar 2010.


Gave my paper on Thursday (slides)

Ottoman Park Hotel

Friday afternoon went by Metro (Taksim), Funicular and tram (Kabatas) (three subway tokens, one each) to tram stop Cemerlitas. Walked down the steep hill to the Ottoman park. (See black pencil mark on the map below.) The Ottoman Park Hotel is immediately above the yacht picture in the map. [Perhaps take a torch, as many of the corridors do not have windows or satisfactory electric lights.]

I am told (afterwards) this is the less fashionable side of the peninsula but from the roof top restaurant (see Anna's pictures) we could see bulk carriers in the sea of Marmara stretched all the way to the horizon waiting to go through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea.

The Ottoman Park's web site has rather better maps. Eg copy below.

The Ottoman Park is said to be within ten minutes walk of the blue mosque. Even though I was limping (I tripped earlier) it was walkable.

With J J Merelo visited the little Sofia mosque. This is called Kucuk Ayasofya Camii, on the map C. Next to the railway line. According to the map's scale this is 400 meters from the Ottoman Park in a straight line.

On Saturday, after lunch, we had tea on the pavement (Kadirga Limani C.) opposite the park.

Pictures from Anna Esparcia

Me waiting for a taksi. Istanbul University campus.

Anna Esparcia in front of Saint Sofia

Douglas Young, Marc Schoenauer

Ernesto Costa

Ernesto Costa, Jen Willies, Marc Schoenauer, Anna Esparcia

Marc Schoenauer

Ernesto Costa, Marc Schoenauer

Marc Schoenauer, W. B. Langdon and Ernesto Costa

Picture from Anna Esparcia


Ernesto Costa

Anna Esparcia and W. B. Langdon. St. Sophia

Hasan's carpet shop (Gulhane)

Hasan supplied the EuroGP-2010 conference bags.

Hasan, Jen, Rachel in Hasan's carpet shop

Me Anna and Marc in Hasan's carpet shop.

Sara Silva (head of EuroGP2011) W. B. Langdon, Leonardo Vanneschi, Marc Schoenauer and Ernesto Costa outside Marmara University

Pictures in the Ottoman Park Hotel

Ottoman Park Hotel, Picture from Anna Esparcia

View from breakfast terrace of Ottoman Park Hotel

View from breakfast terrace of Ottoman Park Hotel (Bill and Ernesto Costa)

Anna Esparcia

View from breakfast terrace of Ottoman Park Hotel. Anna Esparcia and Ernesto Costa and Me

Ottoman Park Hotel lobby


Anna Esparcia. St. Sophia

Ernesto Costa and Me

Picture from Anna Esparcia

Me and Ernesto

Kucuk Ayasofya Camii

Istanbul Spice Market

Saturday night. Penousal Machado, Ernesto Costa, Juan Jesus Romero Cardalda, Anna Esparcia, Rachel, Jennifer Willies, Neil Urquhart Bill Langdon and Doug Young.

Istanbul girl police academy (Tour of Turkey bike race closes streets in central Istanbul) 11 April 2010.

Bill Langdon

St. Sofia, Anna Esparcia

Actually I quite like turkish apple tea

Anna Esparcia with lion and Ataturk

Maps of Istanbul

South eastern part of historic center of Istanbul

Historic center of Istanbul

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