EuroGP'2009 and Tubingen, 15-17 April 2009

Pictures from Ken Sharman, Nanlin Jin and Ting Hu


Ken Sharman and me on the bridge shown below

Ken Sharman and me at the top of the saint George church tower.

Me and Ken Sharman

Anna Esparcia-Alcazar

EuroGP-2009 Conference Venue Brecht-Building Wilhelmstrasse 50

Wolfgang Banzhaf and Me

Conference Dinner Museum

Riccardo Poli and Me

Hohenzollern Castle

W. B. Langdon

Me taking some one else's picture

Bus 828 Stop

Waiting for the Bus to Stugartt Airport

Hotel Garni Sand

Closest bus line 2 to center of Tubingen: Sand, Drosselweg.

Closest bus 828 to Stuttgart Airport: By Indian Restaurant at junction of Nordring and Wilhelmstrasse. Diagonally opposite Jet garage.

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Last updated 24 April 2009