EuroGP'2004 Coimbra, Portugal, 5-7 April 2004

EuroGP'2004 and EvoWorkshops and EvoCOP proceedings.

Around Town 4 April 2004

Coimbra is at the top of a hill. But there is a lift!

Alternatively there are steps, from the level of the river Mondego (by Palm trees in the mist) up to the height of the university. (6 April).

These six fountains are behind the Hotel Astoria Outside the city walls at the lower level. (4 April).

EuroGP'2004 Meeting the Mayor of Coimbra 5 April 2004

Mike Cattolico, James A. Foster and Conor Ryan in the Carmara Municipal.

EuroGP'2004 Conference Dinner Sao Marcos Palace 6 April 2004

Sin Man Cheang and W. B. Langdon in the Palace garden Tuesday evening.

Live Pfeiffer Demonstration

Thanks to the CISUC group at Coimbra university, I was able to give a live online demonstration of the Pfeiffer system.

Picture from Sara Silva of wbl with pfiffer demo running under mozilla

Part of Backup poster showing world usage of Pfeiffer
Usage of Pfeiffer across the globe.

W. B. Langdon

More Photographs

Guenther Raidl
Gabriele Koller
Sara Silva

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