EuroGP-2002 Kinsale 3-5 April 2002

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EuroGP'2002 and EvoWorkshops proceedings.

Photographs before the conference

EuroGP'2002 3 April 2002

EuroGP'2002 4 April 2002

EuroGP'2002 5 April 2002

London 11 April 2002

The week following EuroGP'2002 Pat and Mike Cattolico stayed in London.

Pat and Mike in front of the London Eye at
Jubilee Gardens.

We took the boat from Embankment Pier to Greenwich. Thanks to Ken Livingston, we got a 33% reduction in the cost of our tickets (due to having London Transport Travel passes).

Pat and Mike on board the boat to Greenwich in front of Whitehall and the paddle ship
Tattershall Castle.

Passing under the Millennium Bridge (wibbly wobbly bridge). Saint Paul's Cathedral.

About to be past by the Eleanor Rose by Southwark Bridge

City of London recedes into the background as
W. B. Langdon Pat and Mike head down river between the Isle of Dogs and the Surrey shore.

After landing at Greenwich Pier we stopped for a pub lunch at The Spanish Galleon, before climbing the hill to reach the Royal Observatory (now, thanks to Tony Blair, free admittance).

zero longitude

View north from Royal Observatory towards Canary Wharf. University of Greenwich, Queen's House and Greenwich park in the foreground.

The Octangle Room, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, within Flamsteed's original Royal Observatory (1676).

More Photographs

High Quality Photographs by Pierre Collet

Pierre got his Cosina-Voigtländer special commemorative edition Heliar just before EuroGP'2002.

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