EuroGP-2001 Lake Como, Italy, 18-20 April 2001

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EuroGP'2001 and EvoWorkshops proceedings.

Photographs before the conference

Menaggio, Lugano and Como Boat, Bus, Train and Funicular Tour 16 April 2001 (41500 lira)

Conquering Mount Bisbimo (1325m) with Mike Cattolico 17 April 2001

Brilliant day, warm with little wind. We took a picnic lunch. (Fortunate, since the Hut at the summit was not open).

Conference Location, 17 April 2001

James A. Foster and Riccardo Poli at the Villa Erba See also.

Conference Dinner at the Villa Flora, 18 April 2001

Villa Flora: fax + 39 31 418 318

See also.

View of Lake Como

Tina Yu Nic McPhee W. B. Langdon

EuroGP'2001 Prize Winners

EuroGP'2001 Best Student Paper

Anargyros Sarafopoulos paper.

EuroGP'2001 Best Presentation

Tina Yu paper.

EuroGP'2001 Best Paper

Nic McPhee and Riccardo Poli 1 2.

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photographs from Mike Cattolico

photographs from Pierre Collet

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