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Edinburgh, 15-16th April, 2000

Genetic Programming (GP) is a new branch of Evolutionary Computation in which the structures in the population being evolved are computer programs. GP has been applied successfully to a large number of difficult problems like automatic design, pattern recognition, robotic control, synthesis of neural networks, symbolic regression, music and picture generation, etc.

EuroGP2000 is the biggest event devoted to genetic programming to be held in Europe. It is a high quality conference where state-of-the-art work on the theory of GP and applications of GP to real world problems will be presented. It is the third of its kind following EuroGP'98 which took place in Paris and EuroGP'99 in Sweden. Like the two previous workshops, EuroGP2000 is organised by EvoGP, the genetic programming working group of EvoNET, the Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing. The aims are to give European and non-European researchers in the area of genetic programming as well as people from industry an opportunity to present their latest research and discuss current developments and applications. EuroGP2000 was held in the University of Edinburgh Conference and Training Centre during the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Topics of interest at EuroGP2000 included

Theoretical developments
Experimental results on performance and behaviour of GP runs
New algorithms, representations and operators
Applications of GP to real-life problems
Hybrid architectures including GP components
Comparisons with other machine learning or program-induction techniques
New libraries and implementations

The conference consisted of:

A tutorial on GP by John Koza
Keynote speech by David Goldberg
Oral and poster presentations
Industrial stands and demonstrations
And a lot more

Programme: See programme.html


Now closed.

The papers were peer reviewed by at least two members of the program committee in a double-blind process. Authors were notified via email on the results of the review by 24 December 1999. Authors have been given the opportunity to comment on the standard and length of their reviews.

The material in papers must represent substantially new work that has not been previously published by conferences, journals, or edited books etc. in the field of evolutionary computation. By submitting a camera-ready final paper to the conference, the authors agree that substantially the same material will not be published by another conference in the field (however, material may conceivably be later revised and submitted to an EC journal or material may be submitted to a non-EC conference, such as an applications conference).

As with previous years (1998, 1999) the proceedings have been published by Springer Verlag as Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS volume 1802.

Accepted Papers:

Papers and posters to be presented (bibtex)

The papers presented at EuroGP2000 appear in the conference proceedings, which were available at the conference.


There was a combined registration form for EuroGP2000 and the EvoWorkshops2000 and ICES2000. There were substantial discounts for early registrations, joint registrations with EvoWorkshops 2000 and/or ICES 2000 and to students. Limited student travel funds were also be available.

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Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It is an attractive location very well connected to other United Kingdom, European and overseas destinations.

EuroGP2000 was held in the University of Edinburgh Conference and Training Centre.

EvoWorkshops2000 (17 April), such as EvoRobot2000 and ICES2000 (17-19 April) were held at the nearby Apex International Hotel.

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Previous Events:

EuroGP'99 Sweden

EuroGP'98 Paris


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