William Langdon Visit to 14th Belgian-Dutch Conference on Artificial Intelligence BNAIC2003
and workshop on Knowledge Discovery meets Drug Discovery KDmDD 21-22 October 2002, Faculty Club, Groot Begijnhof, Leuven, Belgium.


On arrival in Leuven, Sunday 20 October 2002

I walked from the train station into the town centre. map. Visiting the central church and Town Hall (stadhuis) before turning south to Begijnhof Congreshotel.

In Leuven car parks need not be ugly

After the first day's work in BNAIC we recovered in the Begijnhof Congreshotel 's bar.

Celine Vens, Ben Krose, Kurt Degrave, W. B. Langdon, A?, Joost Kok, Sander Bohte, Sjaak Verbeek, John-Jules Meyer, Guus Schreiber ?, Hendrik Blockeel, Darek Krzywania
21 Oct 2002.
Thanks to Marco Wiering and Maarten de Rijke

William Langdon Visit to Holland 23-27 October 2002

Friday 25 October 2002 Kroller Muller Museum

Following the KDmDD workshop and presenting a seminar at the CWI, Sander and I made a visit to the Kröller-Müller Museum

Sander Bohte

Saturday 26 October 2002 Volendam and Marken

Saturday we took the Bus from Amsterdam to the inland north holland port of Volendam.

Volendam, Ijseelmeer

Later in the afternoon we took the Marken Ferry across Markenmeer to the (former) island of Marken.

MS IJsselmeer.

Note the MS IJsselmeer is now flying the Nederland's flag. A new flag pole was being installed as we crossed the inland sea.

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