the acmart.cls latex2e style is pretty much forced on authors who publish with the ACM. Today it can be downloaded from

Fixes for Problems with acmart.cls


The current version of acmart.cls, 2022/04/09 v1.84, omits "and Optimization" from the TELO journal name in both journalName and journalNameShort

Work around

Update journalName and journalNameShort by hand?

The online ACM TELO not using journalNameShort

Recent articles published by the ACM in its digital library (e.g. use the full journal name (i.e. not journalNameShort). However acmart.cls uses journalNameShort.

Work around

Update journalName and journalNameShort by hand?

acmart.cls fails if renamed

It is difficult to use pdflatex if acmart.cls is renamed (e.g. to reflect the version actually used). This makes it difficult to maintain multiple papers published with the ACM at different times (and hence with different versions of acmart.cls) in the same directory.

acmart.cls Missing number, treated as zero

LaTex says:
! Missing number, treated as zero.
l.75 \maketitle
Of course the error is nothing to do with the latex maketitle command. The problem was \acmMonth{August}


Use the correct format for acmMonth, i.e. \acmMonth{8}

W.B.Langdon Back 3 September 2022