Springer Book Series on Genetic Programming


Genetic programming is a technique for automatically synthesizing computer programs to solve problems.

The Kluwer book series on genetic programming will cover applications of genetic programming, theoretical foundations of genetic programming, technique extensions, and implementation issues. It be the first collection of monographs, edited collections, and advanced texts to cover this rapidly growing field. In order to publish material that is timely and reflects the state of the art, the series will focus on books of relatively narrow scope and moderate length and will feature a rapid publication schedule. The first book of the series, Langdon's Genetic Programming and Data Structures: Genetic Programming + Data Structures = Automatic Programming! has already been published. Topics may include, but are not limited to design, control, classification, system identification, data mining, pattern recognition and image analysis, data and image compression, evolvable machine language, evolvable hardware, and automatic programming of multi-agent and distributed systems.

Volume 2 Automatic Re-engineering of Software Using Genetic Programming, Conor Ryan


The Koza's GP book series has been amalgamated with Dave Goldberg's GA book series. There are approximately twenty books in the combined series.

Prospective Authors: If you have an idea for a book which would fit in this series, we would welcome the opportunity to review your proposal. Should you wish to discuss any potential project further or receive specific information regarding our book proposal requirements, please contact either John Koza. Please enclose a short biography with your proposal.


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