W.B. Langdon, University College, London, UK

R. Poli, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

Foundations of Genetic Programming

2002. 260+xv pp. Hardcover ISBN 3-540-42451-2

Genetic programming (GP), one of the most advanced forms of evolutionary computation, has been highly successful as a technique for getting computers to automatically solve problems without having to tell them explicitly how. Since its inceptions more than ten years ago, GP has been used to solve practical problems in a variety of application fields. Along with this ad-hoc engineering approaches interest increased in how and why GP works.

The book provides a coherent consolidation of recent work on the theoretical foundations of GP. A concise introduction to GP and genetic algorithms (GA) is followed by a discussion of fitness landscapes and other theoretical approaches to natural and artificial evolution. Having surveyed early approaches to GP theory it presents new exact schema analysis, showing that it applies to GP as well as to the simpler GAs. New results on the potentially infinite number of possible programs are followed by two chapters where these new techniques are applied. Finally the nature of convergence in artificial evolution is explored.

This book equally appeals to researchers and scientists active in GP and GAs as well as to advanced students and ambitioned practitioners interested in a thorough and systematic introduction to the field.


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From the Contents:


  1. Introduction
  2. Fitness Landscapes
  3. Programm Component Schema Theories
  4. Pessimistic GP Schema Theories
  5. Exact GP Schema Theorems
  6. Lessons from the GP Schema Theory
  7. The Genetic Programming Search Space
  8. The GP Search Space: Theoretical Analysis
  9. Example I: The Artificial Ant
  10. Example II: The Max Problem
  11. Genetic Programming Convergence and Bloat
  12. Conclusions
  1. Genetic Programming Resources

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