We would like to thank Andy Singleton, Trevor Fenner, Tom Westerdale, Paul Vitanyi, Peter Nordin, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Nic McPhee, David Fogel, Tom Haynes, Sidney R. Maxwell III, Peter Angeline, Astro Teller, Rafael Bordini, Lee Spector, Lee Altenberg, Jon Rowe, Julian Miller, Xin Yao, Kevin P. Lucas, Martijn Bot, Robert Burbidge, Michael O'Neill, the people of the Chair of Systems Analysis (University of Dortmund), the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam, University College, London, and the members of the EEBIC group at the University of Birmingham.

We would also like to thank Axel Grossmann, Aaron Sloman, Stefano Cagnoni, Jun He, John Woodward, Vj Varma, Tim Kovacs, Marcos Quintana-Hernandez and Peter Coxhead for their useful comments on drafts of the book.

Finally, we would like to thank numerous anonymous referees of our work over several years for particularly helpful comments and suggestions.

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