CrunchBase Dataset
for Venture Finance Data Mining Research

Data Dump [zip file (255MB)]

In case the UCL server is too slow for the download, here are 2 copies on Dropbox [zip file (255MB)] and Baidu [zip file (255MB)].

What is this?

This dataset contains data collected from CrunchBase API during May 2014.


The data is made available for non-commercial use. For more information see CrunchBase terms of service.


When using this dataset you must reference the CrunchBase webpage and our RecSys 2015 paper.

title={Risk-Hedged Venture Capital Investment Recommendation},
author={Zhao, Xiaoxue and Zhang, Weinan and Wang, Jun},
booktitle={Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems},


This data was collected by Weinan Zhang and Huijin Tian. E-mail w.zhang [at]