Flexible Consistency Checking

Christian Nentwich, Wolfgang Emmerich, Anthony Finkelstein

Dept. of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street
London, WC1E 6BT
{c.nentwich|w.emmerich|a.finkelstein} at cs.ucl.ac.uk

Ernst Ellmer

Zuehlke Engineering GmbH
Duesseldorfer Str 40a
65760 Eschborn
ee at zuehlke.com



The problem of managing the consistency of heterogeneous, distributed software engineering documents is central to the development of large and complex systems. We show how this problem can be addressed using xlinkit, a lightweight framework for consistency checking that leverages standard Internet technologies. xlinkit provides exibility, strong diagnostics, and support for distribution and document heterogeneity. We use xlinkit in a comprehensive case study that demonstrates how design, implementation and deployment information of an Enterprise JavaBeans system can be checked for consistency, and re-checked incrementally when changes are made.

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Updated on: 21/03/03
Wolfgang Emmerich