CORBA and ODBMSs in Viewpoint Development Environment Architectures

Wolfgang Emmerich
Interoperable Systems Research Centre,
City University,
Northampton Square,
London, EC1V 0HB, UK


Viewpoints are reflections of software systems from multiple perspectives.  A number of consistency conditions apply to viewpoints and developers require a tool for each type of viewpoint. These tools need to support consistency management. Inter-viewpoint consistency can only be checked when tools are integrated into a viewpoint development environment. We briefly outline the functionality developers require from these environments.  We discuss the suitability of abstract syntax graphs as a common viewpoint representation scheme. The main purpose of the paper is to present an object-oriented architecture for viewpoint-based environments. The architecture benefits from the integration of object database management systems and object request brokers.


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Wolfgang Emmerich Updated on: 23/7/97