Consistency Management with Repair Actions

Christian Nentwich, Wolfgang Emmerich and Anthony Finkelstein

Dept. of Computer Science,
University College London
Dept. of Computer Science
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT UK

Comprehensive consistency management requires a strong mechanism for repair once inconsistencies have been detected. In this paper we present a repair framework for inconsistent distributed documents. The core piece of the framework is a new method for generating interactive repairs from full first order logic formulae that constrain these documents. We present a full implementation of the components in our repair framework, as well as their application to the UML and related heterogeneous documents such as EJB deployment descriptors. We describe how our approach can be used as an infrastructure for building higher-level, domain specific frameworks and provide an overview of related work in the database and software development environment community.

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Updated on: 24/11/2002
Wolfgang Emmerich