Do Process-Centred Environments
Deserve Process-Centred Tools?

Wolfgang Emmerich and Anthony Finkelstein 

Dept. of Computer Science,
City University London,
Northampton Square,
London EC1V 0HB, UK
Process-centred software development environments integrate a process engine, which enacts a process program, with tools that automate particular tasks or provide facilities for document production. Previous papers in this workshop series have focussed on process automation from a process programming point of view and have discussed language primitives and techniques for their enactment. They assumed implicitly that off-the-shelf tools were to be integrated into these environments. The degree of support that can be achieved, however, is limited by the integration facilities offered by these tools. We consider the problem from a different point of view and investigate the implications of fine-grain process support for tool construction.

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Updated on: 31/04/96
Wolfgang Emmerich