Communications Software Engineering

This page contains the slides that I am going to use in the first term term 1999/2000 when teaching Communications Software Engineering to students on the DCNDS MSc Course of the Computer Science Dept. I am developing the page while I am preparing myself for the course, so you may have to be patient...

  1. What is Software Engineering, Software Development Processes & Software Process Case Study
  2. Principles of Object-Orientation & Requirements Model,    Requirements Modelling Tutorial and Answersheets
  3. Analysis Model, Modelling Sequential & Concurrent Processes,   Concurrency Tutorial and Answersheet
  4. Mutual Exclusion, Condition Synchronization, Deadlocks and Liveness Properties,   Progress Tutorial and Answersheet
  5. Design Model, Sequence Diagrams, State Diagrams


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Wolfgang Emmerich
Updated on: 08/10/1999