GPC++ - Genetic Programming C++ Class Library

The GP kernel is a C++ class library that can be used to apply genetic programming techniques to all kinds of problems. An integral component is the ability to produce automatically defined functions as found in Koza's "Genetic Programming II". Technical documentation (postscript format) is included. There is also a short introduction into genetic programming.

Whats new: The documentation is also available in HTML format!


Current Version:   0.5.2

Copyright Type:   GPL


Adam Fraser 1993, 1994 and Thomas Weinbrenner 1997


File "gpc++0.5.2.tar.gz", compressed with gzip, 440KB.


in gpc++0.5.2.tar.gz

Source Code Availability:

Yes (full C++ sources)

Available Binary Packages:

None (C++ Compiler is needed to use the software).

Targeted Platforms:

C++, tested with GNU C++ Compiler 2.7.0 and C++ Compiler by SUNSoft

Software/Hardware Requirements:

C++ Compiler (no exception or template support neccessary).
Lot's of RAM and a fast computer for big and difficult problems.

Other Links:

John Koza's home page (
Adam Fraser's home page (not up to date) (
GA Archive, Source Code Collection (

Mailing Lists/USENET News Groups:

Genetic programming (

User Comments:

Documentation format other than postscript needed (for the operation systems written by Microsoft, ugh...). I did it! The documentation is now available in HTML format.

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