EvoStar Award for Outstanding Contribution to Evolutionary Computation in Europe

2006 Jennifer Willies

2007 Wolfgang Banzhaf and Riccardo Poli

2008 Bill Langdon and Marc Schoenauer

2009 Ernesto Costa and Stefano Cagnoni
pic pic

2010 Marco Tomassini

2011 Julian Miller

2012 Guenther R. Raidl

2013 Una-May O'Reilly and Elena Marchiori

2014 Terence C. Fogarty
pic movie

2015 Anna Esparcia-Alcazar Leonardo Vanneschi

2016 Penousal Machado

2017 James Foster and Gusz Eiben
pic pic

2018 Sara Silva
pic Speech presentation congratulations un wrapping gift

2019 JJ Merelo and Carlos Cotta
pic twelve winners

2020 Gabriela Ochoa
Presentation 2022 in Madrid
Woman at GECCO 2013 pic, pic

2021 Conor Ryan Juan Romero
Presentation 2022 in Madrid

2022 Aniko Ekart
Aniko (left) (2nd pic) presented with EvoSTAR Award by Anna Esparcia-Alcazar

2023 Mengjie Zhang ( pics)

2024 Mario Giacobini
Picture. Mario presented with EvoSTAR award by Penousal Machado

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Last updated 7 April 2024