Connecting a Linux PC and PalmOS PDA via Bluetooth

This document describes how to set up a PPP connection between a Palm PDA and a Linux PC. Once you give your PDA an IP address, you can share your internet connection with it or/and do all sorts of interesting stuff with it. I decided to write this guide down and publish it, as I had been asked a number of times how to do this.

I tested this using a Fedora Core 1 Linux PC, equipped with a generic ("Billionton") Bluetooth USB dongle and a Palm Tungsten T3, running PalmOS 5.2.1, which comes with bluetooth built in. AFAIK, the palm does not support Bluetooth PAN. So this document describes how to connect using RFCOMM and PPP. Your milleage may vary with other versions/hardware.

This document is split into two parts: PC configuration and PDA configuration. I suspect that the PC configuration part can be used to connect any other bluetooth-enabled device.

Setting up your Linux PC.

You need the BlueZ Linux Bluetooth protocol stack. Presumably, another one would do as well. The installation of BlueZ is beyond the scope of this document - most recent distributions (like Fedora) come with it. If that's not the case with yours, refer to the documentation on the BlueZ site. Your bluetooth adaptor should be supported by your kernel for these instructions to work. Mine was supported via hci_usb.o

Configuring BlueZ

Setting up the Palm

Now you can do all kinds of neat stuff on your palm, such as read and write email, browse the web, use vnc, ssh, smb etc :-)
Last modified: Tue Dec 9 10:18:43 GMT 2003