Simon Arridge : Research

My Research

I am an honourary lecturer at the dept of Medical Physics, where I have helped pioneer the field of Optical Tomography, as part of the Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory

I am an honourary lecturer at the Institute of Neurology, where I collaborate on Magnetic Resonance Image Processing and analysis.


  • Mathematica code for Diffusion Green's Functions
  • Current Projects

    Parameter and Structure Identification in Optical Tomography


    Martin Schweiger
    Vadim Soloviev
    Teresa Correia
    Juha Heiskala

    Josias Elisee


    Olivier Coulon worked on MultiScale Shape Descriptors and Diffusion Tensor Imaging, and is now Charge de recherche CNRS in Marseille

    Julia Schnabel who completed her PhD in February 1998, is now a lecturer in Dept. Engineering at Oxford.

    Hava Lester finished her PhD in December 1999 and is now in the Department of Medical Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine, Hadassah Medical Organization Jerusalem

    Athanasios Zacharopoulos was a PhD student and post-doc from 2001-2009. He is now at Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), Crete


    Martin Schweiger 1994
    Athanasios Zacharopoulos 2005