Peter's completed students

I act as first and second supervisor to a number of PhD, EngD and MSc/BSc students. All my students, past and present, are first class (if they weren’t, I wouldn’t accept them as my students) and are known in the field for their work. After achieving their PhDs, some now run their own research labs and some have become wealthy technology pioneers. This is who they are:


Dr. Peter Meltzer

Leveraging Relational Structure Through Message Passing For Modelling Non-Euclidean Data  (2022)

Dr. Kasia Kozdon

Bio-mimetic spiking neural networks for unsupervised clustering of spatio-temporal data  (2022)

Dr. Haitham Baomar

Using Learning from Demonstration to Enable Automated Flight Control Comparable with Experienced Human Pilots  (2020) download pdf

Dr. Manal Adham

A Decomposition-Based Ecosystem-Inspired Approach For Solving Real-World Logistics Problems  (2018) download pdf

Dr. Liz Gallagher

Evolutionary Models for the Origins of Agriculture  (2017) download pdf

Dr. Laleh Zangeneh

Investigating the Challenges of Data, Pricing and Modelling to Enable Agent Based Simulation of the Credit Default Swap Market  (2014) download pdf

Dr. Christos Sakellariou

A Practical Hardware Implementation of Systemic Computation  (2013) download pdf

Dr. Hooman Shayani

A Practical Investigation into Achieving Bio-Plausibility in Evo-Devo Neural Microcircuits Feasible in an FPGA  (2013) download pdf

Dr. Arturo Araujo

Modelling Chromosome Missegregation in Tumour Evolution  (2013) download pdf

Dr. Navneet Bhalla

Designing Self-Assembling Systems Via Physically Encoded Information  (2011) download pdf

Dr. Erwan Le Martelot

Investigating and Analysing Natural Properties Enabled by Systemic Computation within Nature-inspired Computer Models  (2010) download pdf

Dr. Tom Deithe

Searching for common patterns in Polyphonic Audio and Neurophysiological Signals  (2010) download pdf

Dr. David Malkin

The Evolutionary Impact of Gradual Complexification on Complex Systems  (2008) download pdf

Dr. Boonserm Kaewkamnerdpong

Modelling Nanorobot Control Using Swarm Intelligence  (2008) download pdf

Dr. Udi Schlessinger

Evolving Hierarchical Visually Guided Neural Network Agents to Investigate Complex Interactions (2007) download pdf

Dr. Ramona Behravan

Automatic Mapping of Emotion in Music to Abstract Visual Arts (2007) download partial pdf

Dr. Siavash Haroun Mahdavi

Exploiting Smart Materials in Embodied Evolutionary Robots (2007) download pdf

Dr. Kaie Bentley

Adaptive Behaviour through Morphological Plasticity in Natural and Artificial Systems (2006) download pdf

Dr. Tim Gordon

Exploiting Development to Enhance the Scalability of Hardware Evolution (2005) [A BCS Distinguished Dissertation in 2006] download pdf

Dr. David Basanta

Using Genetic Algorithms to Evolve Microstructures (2005) download pdf

Dr. Supiya Ujjin

Improving Capabilities of Recommender Systems using Swarm Intelligence (2004) download pdf

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Investigating Computational Models of Development for the Construction of Shape and Form (2004)

Dr. Rob Shipman

Investigating the Coupling of Self-Organisation and Selection in Bio-inspired Systems (2003) download pdf

Dr. Jungwon Kim

Integrating Artificial Immune Algorithms for Intrusion Detection (2002) download pdf


Masters, undergraduate and visiting students:

Callum McMahon

On Stylistic Differences Between 3D Meshes (2020) download pdf

Peter Meltzer

Systemic Graph Computing (2017)

Michalis Michaelides

Structure optimisation of agent-based modelled colonies using genetic algorithms (2015)

Michael Detmold

Automatic Programming on the Systemic Computer (2015)

James Bracewell

Machine Learning of Heart Sounds (2014)

Elizabeth Gallagher

An Agent-based Model for Pain Expression (2013)

Ariel Elkin

AriVibes: A Portable, Accessible, and Musical Augmenter implemented on iOS (2011)

Robert Theed

Genetic Algorithms for the Automated Design of Simple Locomotive Mechanisms (2010)

Parnil Mhatre

Analyzing the Credit Default Swap Market Using Cartesian Genetic Programming (2010)

Adam Nasralla

Evolving patterns of movement for a virtual model of the Slithertron snake robot (2009)

Tom Diethe

Modelling Changes in Foraging and Defensive Behaviour of Ant Colony Members as a Result of Inter-Colony Interactions (2006) [Achieved highest project mark in 2006]

Hooman Shayani

Towards the Evolution of a Spiking Neuron Model for FPGA Implementation (2006)

Samuel Cheadle

Evolutionary Sculpture and the Growth of Abstract Form (2005)

Hassan MuhammadSiddiq

Fractal Dimensions for Classification of Brain Tumours (2005)

Navneet Bhalla

Self-Assembling Systems in Two Dimensions (2004)

Krzysztof Wloch

An Evolutionary Algorithm Approach to Tuning Race Cars (2004)

Eric Longequel

Fractal Analysis - a Method to Identify Tumorous Cells in the Brain (2004)

Yosef Halabi

Applying Genetic Algorithms for Construction Project Control (2004)

Siavash Haroun Mahdavi

Evolving Motion of Robots with Muscles (2002)

Dr. Tim Blackwell

Making Music with Swarms (2001)

Panash Shah

Modelling Emergent Population Dynamics (2001)

And at the Lotto Lab:

David Malkin

Alife development (2003)

Marcel van Gerven

Alife vision, neurodevelopment (2002)