A Tool for Large Network Analyses



Instructions for Cygwin


Notes for Cygwin:

·    Due to licensing issues, you must compile the GraphCrunch code yourself.

·    This requires the appropriate LEDA license.


Steps to follow:

1.      After downloading the GraphCrunch compressed archive, unpack it  by running the following command:

    zcat graphcrunch-DD-MMM-YYYY.tar.gz | tar vxf –

        where “DD-MMM-YYYY’’ corresponds to the date of the latest release. This automatically creates the directory named “graphcrunch”.

2.      Unpack the LEDA compressed archive, named “LEDA-5.x.x-complete-i386-cygwin-g++-x.x.x.tar.gz”.

3.      Rename the directory created in step 2 above to “LEDA” and move it to “graphcrunch/src” directory (i.e., you should get “graphcrunch/src/LEDA”).

4.      Edit “graphcrunch/src/Makefile” so that LEDA_DIR = LEDA

5.      On Cygwin command line, type the following:

o        cd graphcrunch/src/

o        make

o        make install

o        cd ..


Note: Your version of gcc/g++ compiler needs to match the version of gcc/g++ used in LEDA.


The GraphCrunch is now ready to use.  See the Documentation for further instructions.