Graphlet-based network comparison distances

Supplementary Information for: "Revealing the Hidden Language of Complex Networks"

O. N. Yaveroglu, N. Malod-Dognin, D. Davis, Z. Levnajic, V. Janjic, R. Karapandza, A. Stojmirovic, and N. Przulj

Corresponding author: Prof. Natasa Przulj, e-mail: natasa [AT] cs.ucl.ac.uk
We provide here the python script that we used to compute the various network distances presented in our paper. This includes the Graphlet Correlation Distance (GCD), the Relative Graphlet Frequency Distance (RGF) and the Graphlet Degree Distribution Agreement Distance (GDDA).


You can check the networkDistance.py script to see all availlable network distance.
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