Hotels Near UCL

The following hotels typically offer a 'UCL rate' which must be asked for in advance. All the hotels are either within a short walking distance of UCL or within a Tube journey of approximately ten minutes.

Note that UCL is in central London, and is easily reached by public transport from most areas of Greater London. The hotels below are those nearby, but you could consider options such as staying further out with a reduced hotel budget. You could check out, for example,

The UCL rates quoted below were told to us on the telephone 31st August, 1999, by the hotels, and there is no guarantee that these rates are correct at the time you are reading this. The prices include VAT (tax) and breakfast.

Additional Notes for Marlborough and Kenilworth Hotels

For both the Marlborough and Kenilworth Hotels please contact Carolyn or Linda in Reservations at the Marlborough Hotel.
You will need to ask for the conference rate and quote the group booking reference 1219UCL.  To guarantee your booking you will need to (1) provide your credit card number OR (2) fax +44 (0)171 753 0101 confirming your booking.  If faxing, the booking reference number (1219UCL) must be quoted.

The Marlborough and Kenilworth Hotels are currently holding 25 single and 10 double rooms each for the period 19 to 22 December.  There is a cut-off date of 19 November for these rooms.  After that date they will be released, although conference attendees can still call and ask for a room at the conference rate with rooms subject to availablity.

The Marlborough Hotel. Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QD
Tel: 0171 636 5601 Fax: 0171 636 0532



Single £115 Double £135

Note - this is the hotel where the conference dinner will be held.

The Grafton Hotel, Tottenham Court Road, London, W1P 9HP

Tel: 0171 388 4131 Fax: 0171 387 7394

Single £108 Double £139

The Kenilworth Hotel, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 5LB

Tel: 0171 637 3477 Fax: 0171 631 3133

Single £90 Double £110

The Langham Court Hotel, 31-35 Langham Street, London, W1N 5RE

Tel: 0171 436 6622 Fax: 0171 436 2303

Single £95 Double £109

The Rochester Hotel, Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PA

Tel: 0171 828 6611 Fax: 0171 233 6724

Single £99 Double £119

The Strathmore Hotel, Queens Gate Gardens, Knightsbridge, London SW7 5NB

Tel: 0171 584 0512 Fax: 0171 584 0512

Single £89 Double £105

The Vanderbilt Hotel, Cromwell Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW7 5BT

Tel: 0171 589 2424 Fax: 0171 225 2293

Single £99 Double £119

You must say that you are attending the VRST'99 Conference to get this rate.